About Us

We want to be a bridge between Japan and Hong Kong. We aim to be a restaurant where you can taste and experience the real Hong Kong.

Since its opening in October 2017 as the first branch outside of Greater China, the Heigei Ginza store has gained the support of many customers and has been featured in many media. In Hong Kong, there are many gastronomic delights such as siu mei, dim sum, seafood, meat, noodles and rice, and desserts, in addition to Typhoon Shelter Cuisine, and we offer a full lineup of these.

Of course, we are very particular about the authentic menu and taste of our food, but we also import tableware and cutlery from Hong Kong to create the atmosphere of our restaurant. If you have been to Hong Kong before, you will feel nostalgic! And if you have never been to Hong Kong before, you will be interested in Hong Kong.

ヘイゲイ ヘイゲイ
ヘイゲイ ヘイゲイ
Origin of Heigei 

Hong Kong, 1965. Heigei has originated as a dish served to people living on ships and prepared with garlic and chili-based seasonings.

In Hong Kong, there used to be many people living on boats. Fresh seafood such as crabs, shrimps, shellfish, etc., cooked with seasonings based on fermented black beans and chili peppers, are the dishes served at Heigei Ginza. Heigei was started by Mr.Liu ChyunHei, who is said to be the founder of Typhoon Shelter Cuisine.

ヘイゲイ ヘイゲイ
Our Vision 

We respond to your request such as " I want to taste authentic Hong Kong cuisine in Tokyo! "

The Heigei Ginza store is designed to offer delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere of Hong Kong in the Ginza district. We want to be a restaurant where you can enjoy the authentic taste of Hong Kong while being in Japan, and become a bridge between Japan and Hong Kong. We hope that you will come to our restaurant to taste and experience the real Hong Kong.

About Chef 

Heigei is the culmination of my cooking life. I want as many people as possible to taste the dishes of Heigei.

After working as the sous-chef of Akasaka Rikyu and the head chef of Hong Kong 1997, I continued my studies at Cantonese restaurants in Japan and overseas. And is now the head chef at Heigei Ginza store. I hope that you will enjoy eating Hong Kong's unique cuisine as well as seafood, home cooking, siu mei, dim sum, and sweets.